25 January 2007

New link down and to the left

One Royals prospect is trying to get his name out there a little more. OF Billy Butler is touring KC and just launched http://www.billybutler.com/ recently. A link has also been added under the "Royals links" section to the left. It's worth checking out, although there's not a lot on there yet. There was also a feature on Butler in the Star this week, it's pretty interesting as well:


Royals fans have to like what he's saying. Hopefully it's not just lip service and he can stick around and produce on the MLB level. The Pipeline wishes him the best of luck.

24 January 2007

BP puts out Top 10 Royal prospect list

For regular Pipeline readers, I would say there aren't any surprises on the list.

(subscribers only but non-subbers can see comments on Gordon, Butler
and Hochevar)

Excellent Prospects
1. Alex Gordon, 3b
2. Billy Butler, lf/rf
3. Luke Hochevar, rhp
Very Good Prospects
Good Prospects
4. Chris Lubanski, of
5. Ryan Braun, rhp
Average Prospects
6. Danny Christensen, lhp
7. Brent Fisher, lhp
8. Tyler Lumsden, lhp
9. Mitch Maier, cf/rf
10. Jeff Bianchi, ss/2b

My only thoughts would be that I'd bump Fisher up to a "good
prospect," but then again he hasn't proven much above rookie ball. I
haven't seen the big deal on Christensen -- he's shown brief flashes
but has been inconsistent from what I remember in looking at box
scores of his games day by day. Fisher has had few missteps from what I've seen.
The run down on #s 4-10 went, simply, that Lubanski is a bad defensive OF,
Braun is a "finished project" that may step in if Dotel fails, Christensen has a low-90s
fastball, good curve and stamina but hasn't done anything above A-ball, Lumsden
is more of a "pitch to contact" style guy but may pan out as a workhorse, Maier is a
decent contact hitter and 4th OF and Bianchi will likely be moved to 2B and start the
year at Burlington (the Bees, not the B-Royals) after having labrum surgery last year.

Food for thought.