08 October 2009

A couple early October links

Playoff time is here, but for some reason I'm more burned out on baseball this season than others. I'm more interested in college/pro football. Anyway, I'm hoping and praying for Red Sox-Twins and Dodgers-Phils championship serieseseseses. Angels-Twins wouldn't kill me, either. Anything but a Yankees-Cards world series. That would be the cherry on top of a disgusting season.

Will of Royals Review knocks it out of the park with this one....if it turns out I don't do RotF reports next season, it'll be more because of the GM and manager's attitude and condescension than anything, as I've already stated. It's one thing for the Royals to be bad, but to be bad and then have this front office take the PR tack it has, that's another. I have a hard time devoting an hour or two each (or almost each) day to that kind of organization. I can't just unplug that part of my brain and forge ahead.

Also, Minda at Royal Blues finally is the one to say what happened with Ryan Shealy this season...probably his last in the organization. Now as to the other 5-6 MIA guys in the organization, they must be smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo with Jimmy Hoffa or something. We may never know.

No concrete off-season plans for the blog, may do a couple card posts, maybe get back into NPB a little bit. We'll see. I'm waiting a bit to do the 2009 post for the Legacy Countdown thread. I probably couldn't rationally handle it right now, plus it's good (well, not really good most times) to wait and see what Dayton has in store for us as Royals fans this offseason.