21 March 2006

Schematic updated

Dropping a note that the Schematic organizational depth chart is up to date as of tonight. Hopefully will have a couple more posts up by the end of the week.


On first glance I gotta say the organization looks improved top to bottom. It's probably not an A but it's not in the somewhat sorry shape it was last year. Some nice additions at the major league level to give the young guys time to develop; some actual young talent at Omaha along with the usual refried retreads; major upgrades at Wichita with Gordon, Butler, Angel Sanchez, and maybe Chris Lubanski? Haven't heard on Lubanski; also not locked in on rosters for High Desert or Burlington yet. Wichita signed a load of pitchers recently, including former Expo Seung Song, former Padre Junior Herndon and former somewhat known prospects (not the most ringing endorsement) Ryan Snare and Shane Loux. On the other side of the coin, Greinke has gone Colonel Kurtz on the team and is somewhere in the Everglades with an army of jungle natives slaughtering cattle and reading poetry with Dennis Hopper running around with a camera. I envision Buddy Bell getting drunk in a hotel room in his underwear breaking a mirror with his fist doing karate and weeping loudly while wrapped in a sheet. Maybe it's time for the Royals to eliminate Greinke "with extreme prejudice." Macdougal has also continued the team's "bad luck" run of pitching injuries with a bum shoulder that's putting him out for 6 weeks. Yeah, bad luck. Two or three times is bad luck. Umpteen is bad handling. Anyway, I'm looking forward to 2006. I hope that feeling lasts past May 1.

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