11 December 2008

Yes, I live....

Just dropping a note to wish all Pipeline readers a Merry Christmas.....Happy Holidays....and all that. Haven't posted in a while, been fighting through a mild cold, plus been busy with work and family stuff.

* Wasn't a big fan of the Mike Jacobs trade, like the Coco Crisp trade better from the Royals standpoint. Jacobs doesn't get on base, and Kauffman eats most mediocre power hitters for lunch. We'll see how that pans out. Crisp is a good CF and I've been a proponent of moving DeJesus or Teahen for whatever the Royals can get anyway. We'll see if that happens.

* I've also been mourning the demise of one of my two money league fantasy teams in round 1 of the playoffs. Wouldn't you know the first time I can actually get Peyton Hillis in my lineup he has a decent first quarter/first half and then goes down for the season.....plus TO and Eddie Royal did me few favors either. Oh well....I've gotta hope my other money team can get me some cash, as Kurt Warner, Chris Johnson, and Anquan Boldin have helped me reach the final four there. My fingers are crossed and prayers are being said, not that it's a major world crisis.

* Other than that, it's a matter of getting ready for Christmas here in a couple weeks. With three kids it's sometimes fun, sometimes stressful. Thanks for reading, and, like I said, have a good holiday season....

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