25 February 2009

Spring Training '09

I'm coming out of semi-hibernation to once again announce my participation in the Blogs by Fans' Spring Training website, Spring Training '09....writing about whatever Royals stuff I can scrape up. I took part in last year's site and thought everything went pretty well. I've only got a post or two up so far, may post some things both places. Just sent one in today as the Royals get into game action in Surprise, so that should be up soon.

I am planning to rev up the Pipeline Fantasy Baseball League again on Yahoo here in a couple weeks, so be prepared for that. I'll probably change up the lineups and some of the stats we use for this season. Last season's set up worked OK but could have been better.

Other than that, it's been a quiet couple of months. I may do a review of the Royals' PECOTA projections here as February thaws into March, and of course the RotF reports kick back into action in April. I can say I'm pulling for Brayan Pena and Alberto Callaspo to earn roster spots this spring. I'd like to see Dayton Moore get rid of some of the replacement-level players on the squad. Although after seeing this offseason's moves I don't have high hopes of him doing that.

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