20 March 2009

Call #2 for PFB

Hey, still 8 spots to fill in the fantasy baseball league, I'd like to fill it with Pipeline readers, or at least Royals fans, this year....here's the info:

league ID: 177777
password: amosotis
roster -- c, 1b, 2 b, 3b, ss, lf, cf, rf, util, util, sp, sp, sp, sp, rp, rp, rp, rp, p, p, 7 bench spots, 3 DLs
stats -- runs, hits, HR, RBI, SB, K, TB, Fielding%, BA, OPS, W, SV, TBF, K, holds, ERA, WHIP, K/BB, OBPA, QS

You'll need the ID # and password above to join. Draft is at 6:30 p.m. March 27, a week from tonight. I'll put off opening it to the general public until next week.

What a week in Royals camp, huh? Jimmy Gobble gets the ax, they bring in fat Sidney Ponson, who I hope they call up and put as Jose Guillen's roommate. We might have a chance at our first MLB homicide in a long time. Mac Suzuki wants to wear the powder blue after a couple decent years in the Mexican league. Everybody should be back soon from the WBC, where the US is gonna get beat by Japan probably in the semis. Dayton Moore adds pitcher Anthony Lerew to his ever-increasing collection of Braves castoffs who are now Royals. And to top it off we get word that Brayan Pena is becoming a US citizen. Let's reward him by giving him John Buck's job. I don't care if Buck is hitting well this spring. I've seen enough. Looks like the only ball I'm gonna see the Royals play this season is gonna be on the tube. I was hoping to take my 3 daughters to a game for a third straight year but, alas, I couldn't find a date I wanted to commit my cash to. Plus I had my heart set on the new fountain seats and they're $25 a pop! The old outfield plaza seats were only $14, and you'd be farther away from the action in the new seats. I didn't want to subject them to another night in the nosebleeds, where we got besieged by flying things of all sizes the one time we sat there. Tough call, but I've got other things I can spend my money on. Not necessarily better things, mind you, but other things. Anyway, join the fantasy league...

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GM-Carson said...

More Hardball had fun photoshopping some players from the Royals: Billy Butler, Coco Crisp, Brian Bannister, John Bale, and John Buck.

Link: http://morehardball.blogspot.com/2009/03/royal-tease.html

We appreciate the plug if you like it, thanks.