03 April 2013


Hello. After a year, I figured I'd drop in to check in with the 5 people who may read this, haha. We're two games into the 2013 season and that vaunted Royals offense is already paying dividends. Just as 2012 was 'Our Time' despite the fact Dayton Moore did nothing to upgrade the pitching staff, this year the media hype machine once again reeled in Royals fans with dreams of Royal pennant chases. Nevermind the fact that the team is still trotting out the same starting 9 that finished 12th in the AL in runs scored, 10th in SLG and 8th in OBP in 2012. The pitching staff was upgraded, yes, but at the cost of the top would-be position fill-in the Royals had at their disposal, plus their top rotation fill-in option. God knows the season is still young, so I hope I'm wrong, but what good does it do for 'Big Game' James Shields to hold the opposition to a frigid solo homer if the offense is stonewalled? The going was no better today in game 2, although Sox pitchers Chris Sale and Jake Peavy aren't exactly chopped liver out there. The offense did generate one run (the other run came thanks to 2 Chicago errors) but the team drew 1 walk and the franchise's newest high-draft-pick-now-reliever Luke Hochevar served up a longball to the first official 2013 batter he faced. Good times. Pay no attention to the fact that pick could have been Clayton Kershaw or Evan Longoria or Tim Lincecum.

As for the above video, I originally picked it because I'd thought it said "Is there anybody out there?" when actually the line in the song is "Is there anybody in there?" so I kind of blew that part. There is another track on "The Wall" called "Is There Anybody Out There?" but, let's face it, it doesn't match up with the guitar majesty of "Comfortably Numb". And comfortable numbness is kinda what led me to take a lengthy hiatus from this blog in the first place. So it comes full circle. And, if you're out there, thanks for reading once again.

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