12 March 2008

Spring Training '08

Any readers looking for some peripheral Pipeline content should check out the Royals' page over at the Spring Training '08 megablog. I'm posting some stuff there I haven't posted here and also double posting some things both places. Got a new post that should be up there soon. Also, as you've probably noticed if you're reading this, I switched up the template somewhat for a new "powder blue" feel. My wife and I are making the trek to Kauffman April 12 to catch the game versus the Twins (I'm pulling for a Francisco Liriano start, but don't know if he's gonna be healthy to start the season) and see the debut of the powder blues, so I'm hyped up for that. Also, it's Billy Butler powder blue replica jersey night and Billy is ripping the cover off the ball in Surprise, so that's an added plus. Throw that in with the new video board at Kauffman and I'm the most excited about going to the K that I've been since I was a kid, whether the area beyond the outer fences looks like a construction zone or not.

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