15 September 2008

Four Royals make BA AZL Top 20

Four Royals farmhands have been named to Baseball America's AZL Top 20 Prospects list as released today. The best news is lefty Mike Montgomery was named the #1 AZL prospect. I don't subscribe to BA online because I don't have that kind of cash to spend on an online subscription, but you can check out the list here.

#1 Mike Montgomery, LHP
#8 Tyler Sample, RHP
#10 Yowill Espinal, IF
#13 Jose Bonilla C

Sample was ranked pretty high for having the rough outings he had, but kinda came out of the draft this season as a project. I'm also a little surprised to see Espinal ranked ahead of Bonilla but maybe Espinal's defense made a difference.


KMartin said...

I think Bonilla lost some ab's to our 50th round draft pick getting some playing time.

Sample gave up no homers. The ball must have such a wicked down angle coming from a 6'7" cannon that no one could get under it.

Have you heard any current news about John Lamb? Do you know how he is progressing?

Where do you think the Royals will place Melville next year? Would love to see how he does in front of a quasi-home crowd in the appy league.

Ken said...

Bonilla also had some slight injury issues, I think. Sample may not have given up homers but he still got hit very hard at times. I think Lamb made one appearance this season, then must have just stayed in Arizona and trained. Hopefully there aren't injury issues there. Appalachian League is a definite maybe for Melville, maybe the Pioneer League. I'd like to see him start one of those two places, maybe get a couple late season starts in Burlington (A ball).