26 May 2005

Dump the Schwab

After watching most of this season plus tonight's "championship game" of Stump the Schwab, I've come to some conclusions. No. 1, it's bad enough that Stuart Scott is hosting it and we're subjected to his "hugs and handpounds" and other crap, but they also make "the Schwab" act like a professional wrestler or something. It just comes off asinine. On the championship game Scott actually introduced him like a boxer and Schwab came out in a robe with girls and everything, then proceeded to jackass around for half a minute before taking his seat. Let's bring back Kenny Mayne or Scott Van Pelt as the game show hosts on ESPN and drop the Schwab theatrics, OK??? He's a researcher for ESPN, not Ray Lewis or Randy "Macho Man" Savage. No. 2, the Schwab is a Yankees fan, which is twice as bad, and he proves it everytime he whines around about the easy questions his opponent gets in the final confrontation part. Nobody outside Bristol, Conn., or St. John's would know who you are without that show, so you'd better sit there in your skintight throwback jersey and enjoy it rather than pissing and moaning. As a Sox fan, this was also my favorite picture of 2004:

I do like the segments they use on that show, though. I figured I'd say one nice thing about it.

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