31 May 2005


All the waiting, all the speculation and Royals fans get.....Buddy Bell??????? A guy with one winning season -- and that was 2 games over .500 in 2000 with the Rockies. This is like opening a Christmas present expecting an Xbox or an iPod and getting crocheted gloves with six fingers.
When I heard it this morning, I was hoping it was some kind of joke. Baird and Glass really passed up Art Howe and Terry Collins for Buddy Bell? Buddy damn Bell? Not that Howe and Collins were the next coming of Casey Stengel or Miller Huggins but, c'mon, they've won. Buddy Bell hasn't led a team to higher than third -- by record he's not a whole lot better than Pena. I didn't hear anyone raving (in a good way) about his managing at Detroit or Colorado either one. I'll put it down right now -- the Royals will lose 125 games this season and Baird will be gone by 2007. He just signed his own walking papers.

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