03 February 2008

No 19-0 //// TriStar Prospects Plus blaster break

I was rooting for history tonight, so it was tough to watch the Patriots get beat by the Giants. It's nice to see Eli get some respect, tho.....he had a great run in the playoffs. I just wanted to see the '72 Dolphins shut up. I doubt 18-1 is gonna do it. Pats' O-line and Brady had a rough night, for sure. Anyway, I came home and got over my very minor depression by opening a couple packs of 2007 Bowman Draft baseball and a blaster box of TriStar Prospects Plus baseball. I wasn't disappointed.

BDP pack 1

Bonds 237 (SP???)
Matt Brown BDP34
Trevor Pippin chrome BDPP5
Phil Hughes gold chrome refractor BDP49 -- #d 9/50 (can't complain there)
Steven Souza gold BDPP35
Matt West BDPP22
Derek Norris BDPP23 -- Kansas kid

BDP pack 2

Jesus Flores BDP9
Justin Upton BDP3 -- nice one, too
Matt LaPorta chrome BDPP64 -- could be great pull
Colby Rasmus chrome BDPP109
Ryan Pope gold BDPP45
Darin Mastroianni BDPP8
John Ely BDPP16

TriStar Prospects Plus blaster pack 1

Travis Snider 97 -- pulled his auto from TPP in '06
Clayton Mortensen draft pick 7
James Adkins Farm Hands auto -- supplemental rd 1 pick by Dodgers, P from Tennessee
David Mailman pro debut 94
Anthony Rizzo PD 85
Corey Brown PD 23

pack 2

Josh Smoker PD 69
Jose Tabata 91
Fernando Martinez Protential insert PT-FM
Ryan Dent PD 8
Matt Wieters PD 53 -- nice pull there
Corey Luebke PD 35

pack 3

Ben Revere PD 43
Nick Hagadone PD 27 -- another could-be good one
Kyle Lotzkar PD 13
Will Kline PD 46
Nathan Vineyard PD 74
Joe Savery PD 61

pack 4

David Kopp PD 75
Jonathan Bachanov PD 52
Andrew Brackman Protential PT-AB
Brad Suttle PD 89
Mitch Canham PD 68
Mitch Hilligoss 98

pack 5

Andrew Cumberland PD 51
Duke Welker PD 39
Bubba Bell 95
Wendell Fairley PD 29
Kellen Kulbacki PD 18
David Price DP 1 -- another great pull

pack 6

Josh Vitters PD 31 -- high Cubbies draft pick
Franklin Morales Protential PT-FM2
Andrew Brackman Farm Hands auto -- ahhhh yeah short print
Michael Burgess PD 26
Tim Alderson PD 15
Danny Payne PD 41

pack 7

Phillippe Aumont DP 67
Ross Detwiler PD 9 -- could be good pull
Travis D'Arnaud PD 25
Casey Weathers PD 5 -- top 10 pick
Jon Gilmore PD 50
Nick Noonan PD 57

I'll take 2 autos when 1 is guaranteed and an SP one that books early at $40, to boot. Plus a David Price, Matt Wieters and Josh Vitters. And to top it off the Hughes refractor #d/50. Not bad for 9 packs.

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