02 February 2008

Welcome to Canton, Art Monk and Darrell Green

Art Monk and Darrell Green were two of my favorite players growing up, so it was nice to learn today that both were named to the 2008 class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Monk was a key part of the Wild Bunch Redskins in the '80s, and shoulda been in the hall a few years back -- he did retire as the all-time receptions leader, after all, even if he has since been passed. I remember him as a Marvin Harrison-type (altho I guess Marvin would be an Art Monk type) -- not much flash but he got the job done, week in and week out. A quick look at his Pro Football Reference page proves as much. He only played less than 10 games three times, and one was the final year of his career. Looking at the stats doesn't give the clearest picture of his greatness.

And Darrell Green was the prototype shut down corner. The main memory I have of him is winning the NFL's Fastest Man competition seemingly every year. There's a video on YouTube of him running a 4.2 40 at 40 years old. Unreal. The one below is of one of his punt returns. Like Monk, he was also durable for the Skins and only had two seasons in which he didn't play 10 games. Both were also class acts on and off the field. It's nice to see them get their just desserts today, so congratulations go out to both -- hell, all 6 of the guys that got in today -- I also liked Fred Dean (former Niner) and Andre Tippett from the old school Pat the Patriot Pats.

I'm also happy to own Monk's and Green's rookie cards, as well as Dean. Need to scan the Green, tho. I am always on the lookout for Monk cards, as he's on my player collections list.

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