07 February 2008

TriStar Prospects Plus blaster #2

As usual, I decided to go for another blaster box of TriStar after lucking out with the Brackman SP auto in the first box. Nothing like pressing your luck. Well.....luck sufficiently pressed. Here's how it broke down:

pack 1

Jonathan Bachanov PD 52
Ben Revere PD 43
Chuck Lofgren ProTential PT-CL
Joe Savery PD 61
Ryan Dent PD 8
Matt Wieters PD 53 -- at least I got another Wieters

pack 2

Duke Welker PD 39
Bubba Bell 95
David Kopp PD 75
Mitch Hilligoss 98
Will Kline PD 46
Nathan Vineyard PD 74


pack 3

Andrew Cumberland PD 51
David Price ProTential PT-DP -- nice hit there
Jordan Zimmermann Farm Hands auto -- not a very big payoff, but OK
David Price DP 1 -- another solid pull
Brad Suttle PD 89
Mitch Canham PD 68

that pack made up somewhat for pack 2

pack 4

Blake Beavan DP 73
Phillippe Aumont DP
Mike Moustakas ProTential PT-MM -- keeper
Nick Noonan PD 57
Michael Burgess PD 26
Tim Alderson PD 15

nice Moose insert

pack 5

Chris Withrow PD 40
Sam Runion PD 19 -- keeper
Madison Bumgarner DP 47
Matt Dominguez PD 10
Casey Weathers PD 5
Jon Gilmore PD 50

pack 6

Ross Detwiler PD 9
Travis D'Arnaud PD 25
Josh Vitters PD 31 -- another decent pull
Danny Payne PD 41
Wendell Fairley PD 29
Kellen Kulbacki PD 18

pack 7

Ed Easley PD 60
Jeff Larish 86
Landon Powell ProTential PT-LP
James Simmons PD 65
Devin Mesoraco PD 32
Yung Chi Chen 100

hard to live up to the 2 autos in the first blaster, but it was OK -- the Moustakas insert helped...and who knows, maybe Zimmermann pans out for the Nats or somebody else. Not a bad sig either. I need to get hooked up with a scanner. This is probably just enough to maybe hook me in for blaster #3.

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