01 July 2005

First one on Bell, somewhat

Leave it to the Royals to give Paul Byrd the game of his life. The ex-Royal pitched a 2-hitter on his old team and Buddy Bell chipped in by pulling a Little League trick and allowing David DeJesus to bat out of order in the 1st and then leaving Runelvys in to give up 2 more runs in the 7th after showing signs of hitting the wall from a stamina standpoint in the 6th. Of course, you still have to get hits and runs, which the Royals didn't do. Mike Sweeney came back off the DL and Justin Huber was sent back to Wichita (why not Omaha?) and Sweeney doubled. Matt Stairs had the other hit. Emil Brown's hitting streak was snapped in the loss. Only one other Royal -- Mark Teahen -- even reached base. The Royals looked bad.

Good Lord save us, it's Lima Time, again, Saturday against Bartolo Colon. Despite the Royals having beaten Colon around early in the season, how many runs will they have to get to stay ahead of what Lima gives up to the high-octane Angels O? I shudder to think.

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