04 July 2005

Royal zeroes

Two games, two shutouts on Sunday and Monday for the KC Royals. Jarrod Washburn did the honors in a 5 1/2-inning rain-shortened game Sunday as Zack Greinke got beaten around, again, for his 10th loss. Just what Royals fans were hoping for from Zack this year. Good deal. Also, Buddy Bell is quoted after the game saying he hoped the game would be called in the 4th so it wouldn't count with the team down 3-0. Just what I want to hear the new manager say. That's a bulls**t comment from Buddy and shows a lot of confidence in the team. I don't care if they do suck, the manager shouldn't say that. I hope it was taken out of context and he didn't really say that. David DeJesus did go 2-3 and is lining up to be the next good player to leave town of his own free will when FA time comes around. Berroa had a hit in his new lineup home -- the sixth slot. Let's hope he stays there. Oh well, hey, the Mariners are coming to town, right? They're struggling, we can surely get to their pitchers.

Wrong. Ryan Franklin, who is tied for the major league lead in losses (with Greinke, for one), comes in Monday and goes 9 and gives up only 6 hits and a walk to KC. Meanwhile, Raul Ibanez, who the Royals let walk before '04 in favor of Juan Gone (from the field) hits a 3-run shot in his old stomping grounds and Ichiro has a 3-hit game. Teahen, Buck and Stairs had 0-fers for KC. Nobody had more than 1 hit. J.P. Howell has another bad start as his ERA rises to 7.77. Maybe it's time for a trip back to the minors for J.P. Will he and Lima be casualties of the returns of Snyder, Bautista and Anderson? At least Wood and Jensen didn't allow anything tonight. This team is in the downward spiral, and it happened so quickly. I bet there are four managerial candidates thanking their lucky stars tonight. And hopefully one GM is looking for answers.

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