22 July 2005

Getting it done

Another solid game for the Royals tonight as they beat the Blue Jays, 5-3, behind a decent game from Runelvys and a 3-run 1st. Sweeney got HBP and left the game, again, so he wasn't around for the win on his (and my) birthday tonight but Stairs and Buck had 2-hit games, DeJesus and Brown threw in RBI and the pitching staff got it done. Runelvys went 6 followed by Sisco, Affeldt and MacDougal, who got his 14th save and looked great again in the 9th. Teahen made another error in the field as his bad run at 3B continued (that's 15 errors now). The Royals only had 6 hits to 9 for Toronto but made them count for 5 runs. 0-fers abounded tonight but KC won anyway, for a change. Maybe the heat got to the Blue Jays. The air was like syrup all day.

Tomorrow night Kyle Snyder makes a start for KC after a nice run of rehab starts and a couple good ones at Omaha. The Blue Jays are sending Dave Bush out to pitch, so this is definitely winnable. No word yet on what roster move will be made to make Snyder available.


Daniel said...

You know what roster moves I want to read about in the next couple of weeks?

"Royals pitcher Jose Lima was kneecapped today to make room on the roster for Snuffuluffugus."

"Royals outfielder Terrence Long was pushed down a flight of steps to make room on the roster for Triumph the Insult Dog."

Those would suit me just fine.

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