15 July 2005

Tigers 4, Royals 1

All that needs to be known about tonight's Royals loss was that Joe McEwing provided the Royals' lone run. His first homer of the year, 25th of his career, was it for the Royals. Meanwhile, Jose Lima pitched instead of D.J. Carrasco, who reportedly has "shoulder stiffness" and got yet another loss despite not getting completely shelled. Nunez and Sisco pitched well in relief and Buck and Gotay had 2-hit games. Sweeney, Graffanino and Costa had 0-fers tonight. Only DeJesus had an extra-base hit, other than McEwing, with a double. Another power outage for KC and Lima continued to be snakebit.

Since D.J. vs. Sean Douglass was way off on tonight's matchup, I'm hesitant to comment on tomorrow night's matchup. I think it's J.P. Howell vs. Jason Johnson. We'll see if J.P.'s growing pains continue. At least Comerica is a pitcher's park.


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