17 June 2005


Well, if there's one thing to say about the Royals' 7-0 loss tonight, it's that there's no shame in getting a win streak snapped by Roger Clemens. He's over 40 but he can still pitch better than 98 percent of the league. Getting the benefit of a bigger strike zone from umps also helps but he's still getting the job done. The Royals matched the 'Stros hit for hit but only had one extra base hit compared to 5 for Houston, including 2 homers. J.P. Howell struggled somewhat but went as long as Clemens and only gave up 1 more hit with the same # of walks and 3 less Ks. His downfall came in allowing 2 RBI doubles and 1 HR. Not a horrible start, tho. On the offensive front, McEwing, DeJesus and Long had 2-hit games, Berroa drew his 1 walk for 10 games, Teahen, Gotay and Stairs had 0-fers and the Royals left 12 on base. Not much good to report from that side of the game.

Let's hope KC can get it back tomorrow vs. Roy Oswalt as D.J. Carrasco takes the hill. It'll be another challenge getting to Oswalt and Carrasco will need another solid start.

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